The History of the EU with David Mitchell

No time for a full presentation or technical details? This video from 2016 (pre-Brexit, then) offers a quick (3.5 minutes, the duration of a pop song) summary of the history of the EU through drawings. It focuses in particular on the aftermath of the Second World War and quirkily illustrates how and when the various EU member states integrated the Union (or what prevented them from doing it earlier).

Like all Open Learn content (Open Learn is a free online university), the video was created by people from the academic world in collaboration with David Mitchell, an English comedian and actor.

You can expect as much humour as major historical facts, and a fast-forward from prehistory (with the movement of tectonic plates) to 2016. From the founding fathers Churchill and Schuman to the Schengen Agreement and the Maastricht Treaty, the summary is as entertaining as it is informative.

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