Europe’s waste could eradicate world hunger

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Putting leftovers in the bin, throwing away a product because its use-by date has passed… we’ve all done it. But are we really aware of the impact of this small-scale food waste when it is reported on a larger scale?

In this short video, Konbini, a French-speaking news & entertainment channel, takes stock of the impacts of waste, which are more numerous than they seem.

This impact is first of all human: one billion people (i.e. all those who suffer from malnutrition in the world) could be fed just with what Europe wastes.

It is also economic: wastage results in the loss of around 900 billion euros per year, a staggering sum.

Ecologically, it results in the release of 3.3 gigatonnes (yes, giga) of greenhouse gases per year.

Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away or lost in the world. However, the amount of food wasted per person varies enormously from continent to continent: from 95 to 115 tonnes per person in Europe and North America to only 6 to 11 kilos in Asia and Africa.

In France, 10 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted each year, for an equivalent of 16 billion euros. To put this into perspective, it is equivalent to 240 euros per French person per year.

While these figures can be daunting, there are nevertheless solutions (though still too few in number) to avoid this food waste.
Click here to discover innovations against food waste in Europe.

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