Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

The European Union : a vast subject, as thick as it is complicated. Approved by some, rejected by others – today, it brings people together as much as it divides them.

The volunteers behind the In a Nutshell channel create animations to help better understand complex subjects (both scientific and geopolitical). Here, focus on the successes and problems of the European Union up to 2017, just after the official Brexit announcement.

On the positive side, it includes individual freedoms, goods and services, protections from big business, or scientific cooperation – in short, the benefit of cumulative strength (strength of proposal, strength of deterrence, strength of change) compared to a nation alone.

On the other side, there is the divisive issue of migration, as well as the single currency, the euro, security or the large gaps between countries (concerning laws, living standards, social achievements …).

Focusing as much on the EU’s strengths as on its shortcomings, this animated video paints a committed, sometimes harsh, but often honest portrait of the situation. And it even has the luxury of formulating an opinion in response to its title – is the EU worth it?

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