The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy

How hard can it be to briefly explain the Common Agricultural Policy in Europe? Well, quite hard, it figures. Beneath the apparent simplicity of the subject lie a vast array of measures, policies and rules.

This video created by the Greens/EFA (Greens/European Free Alliance, one of the European Parliament’s political groups) succeeds in explaining a complex subject in 5 minutes, while also providing an opinion and solutions.

We often hear about the CAP, but it is difficult to understand what is behind this acronym. Yet the subject is universal: how does food production and access work in the European Union?

The video takes a look at the key actions of the CAP: direct income support, market measures and rural development measures. While the original intention is to help farmers and producers, the video also explores the limits of these policies – notably the maximisation of production and its negative consequences on small farmers’ incomes, the economy, biodiversity and productivity.

The system therefore seems perfectible – but how? Greens / EFA offers ways to improve working conditions, to make food more sustainable and to restore more equity.

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